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Chain link fence Lexington KY

Chain Link Fencing is the classic site security fencing. Whether you are looking for an economical solution for closing in your yard, closing in a sports field, or for maintaining security for sensitive locations, Chain link is the tried and true product. Made of durable steel for both residential and heavy industrial projects, chain link is the “jack of all trades” in the fencing world; with options for privacy via our Slatlink product, colorful vinyl coating, and extra security measures like barbwire, the chain link fence Lexington KY trusts can fill many needs for your project.

Residential chain link is generally installed in three and four foot heights using light-weight materials to reduce cost and yet still provide the security from having a metal fence. Other options include vinyl coating to provide a more aesthetically appropriate product for different locations. Black and Green are the most commonly used colors on projects such as home residence, tennis courts and sports fields, and other colors are readily available upon request.

Chain link really proves its value in heavy industrial and security applications. Using Heavy weight steel and lower gauge weaved wire, penetrating a chain link fence can become very difficult for all but the most determined. With heights reaching up into the double digits, and post sizes increasing as necessary, Chain link can be an incredibly formidable perimeter. Adding security measures such as solar powered lighting, electronically activated gates, barbwire, and razor-ribbon, go far in ensuring that unwanted persons do not enter, or in the case of correctional facilities, do not exit the premises.

Another service Rio Grande Fence is proud to offer for heavy industrial jobs is the ability to hydro-excavate using high-pressure water and vacuum equipment to help ensure safety when installing fence posts in areas where extra care must be taken to avoid damaging buried lines like water mains and high pressure gas.