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Wood Fence Lexington KY

The “go-to” for residential fencing. By default, Rio Grande uses industry standard pressure-treated pine for all posts, runners, and face boards. Rio Grande is prepared to furnish and install everything necessary to provide privacy for your backyard, or to add to the visual appeal of your home. The wood fence Lexington KY trusts is perfect for those who want to provide a safe place for children and pets to play, starting with the classic picket fence and ranging to the ultra-private.

Wooden fencing is the most customizable product Rio Grande Fence provides. With the ability to choose between styles, cuts, heights, dimensions, spacing, among many other choices, and our three woods: Pine, Cedar, and Ozark Copperwood, you can truly make your fence your own.

Rio Grande is happy to provide the standard pine products, but we always encourage our customers to invest in the quality upgrades of Western Red Cedar, and Ozark Copperwood. Our Premium product, Ozark, is a pressure treated pine which is treated with an oil-based (as opposed to water) solution at twice the standard pressure of normal pine products. With a twenty-five year manufacturers guaranteed against rot and decay, Ozark is the wood product we hope to install in every yard.

Whoever you choose to use for your wood project, Rio Grande always recommends that you stop and look at the wood which will be used on your project, in person, and we are happy to show you our products in our warehouse.