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Ornamental fencing Lexington KY

Ornamental Aluminum (and steel) fencing has replaced the classic wrought-iron fencing as the Pinnacle of style and aesthetics in the fencing world. Ranging in applications from railing, to residences, pools, and even being used as security fencing, the Ornamental fencing Lexington KY trusts has really sprung into the mainstream of products. Ideal for any project in which appearance really matters, Ornamental fencing comes in my styles for the personal touch. Residential, Commercial, and Heavy Industrial grades of aluminum allow you to gauge your strength and price range for your application, and if the situation calls for it, the ornamental fencing can even come in steel.

Rio Grande stocks several styles and sizes of ornamental fencing in our warehouse, but much more is available through a quick and simple ordering process from the manufacturers. Our standard styles in both four foot and six foot heights are the “flat top,” where the top rail is the upper limit of the fence, and the “spear top,” where the pickets run through the top rail to come to a flattened spade point.