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4 Ways You Can Design a Backyard That’s Safe for Kids

Regard your backyard highly! The average American spends 14 hours a week in their backyard.  Children may spend even more time in the backyard, playing and hanging out with friends. But you shouldn’t just open your back door and let your child run outside. You need to think about backyard safety and privacy.  How should you design…
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7 Benefits of Adding a Privacy Fence to Your Property

Metal fences are the most popular type right now, making up 69% of all fence sales. You don’t have to have a fence at your home, but having one is beneficial. Some people install a privacy fence to seclude their homes, while others install them for other reasons. Fences offer numerous benefits. Are you curious about what…
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When Is Your Fence Covered by Your Home Insurance? 

As a homeowner, you know that sometimes the worst happens. Forces like severe weather, car accidents, damaged trees, and people with criminal intent can spell disaster for your property. That’s what your home insurance is for– but what about your fence? That vital but often overlooked part of your property is not immune from damage.…
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Play Ball! How to Pick the Perfect Fence for your Sports Facility

No community is complete without some type of sports facility. Choosing the right fence can not only help with aesthetics, but is critical for safety.

Is Your Fence Attracting Burglars? The Shocking Truth and How to Choose a Protective Fence

Here’s the shocking truth: you may actually be inviting burglars into your home with it’s design. Choosing a good protective fence is critical for safety.

7 Pool Safety Tips (Hint: A Fence is Key!)

Swimming pools can be a siren call for most of us—but that’s especially true for young children. And for parents, even those who think they’ve followed all the right pool safety tips, that’s the scariest part. The statistics on poolside accidents and drownings are pretty grim. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates that 300 children under…
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