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Finding the Perfect Ornamental Fence Style to Match Your Home

If you’re searching for a fencing option that’s durable, functional, and offers visual appeal, ornamental fencing is perfect for you. This fencing has become more popular in recent years, and it’s easy to see why. With the growing availability of high-quality products, varying designs, and consumer affordability, it’s a great choice for any homeowner. What should you consider…
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How to Repair a Fence: A Guide for Homeowners

A fence offers your home privacy and security, but it won’t do that very well if it’s in disrepair. Weather elements like the sun, rain, and snow can be harsh on wood over time, leaving you with a rotting fence. Your fence can often sustain damage in more minor ways, like a loose board. This often won’t…
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How Long Does a Chain Link Fence Last?

American cultural values mean that only 50% of homes have a fence on the properties. American community culture views tall fences as antisocial and so they’re discouraged.  But there are a lot of benefits of having a fence on your property. They are good for keeping pets enclosed in your garden, and are often a legal requirement…
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How to Care for Your Vinyl Fence

If you’ve chosen to surround your property with a vinyl fence, you likely value durability, quality, and ease of maintenance. You will never need to re-paint or stain a vinyl fence, and this type of fence lacks some of the risks that are present with wood and wrought-iron fences, such as rotting and cracking. However,…
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15 Things to Consider Before Fencing In Your Yard

Introduction Installing a fence around your yard isn’t as simple as calling a fence installation company and having a fence the next day. There are a number of factors to take into consideration, including price, material, property boundaries, utility lines, and even climate. With proper planning, you can enjoy a stress-free fence installation process that…
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Can My Fence Be Installed in Winter?

Installing a fence in the winter may seem unheard of, or possibly even silly. Weather conditions make outdoor labor difficult, the frozen ground takes more work to break, and certain material does not stand up well to the cold–right? However, under the right conditions, wintertime may in fact prove more beneficial for fence installation than…
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How to Winterize Your Fence

Every homeowner knows that there are steps that need to be taken each winter to prepare your property to face the cold. Depending on where you live, and the type of house you live in, these steps will all be different. Many of us begin buying salt, checking our generators, and pulling the winter clothes…
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Your Fall Guide to Wooden Fence Maintenance

Wooden fences are some of the most attractive and popular choices for home security, and if you’re one of the many thousands of homeowners who have chosen a wooden fence for their property, you may be wondering: what is the best way to preserve and maintain your fence? Particularly during the winter months, having a…
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How to Care for Your Aluminum Fence

Still trying to choose a property fence? The gateway to your property says a lot about you: it shows off your style to friends and neighbors, and warns would-be intruders to stay out. If you’re looking for a sturdy, low maintenance option that will likely never go out of style, aluminum might just be your…
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Your Summer Guide to Wooden Fence Maintenance

When it comes to fencing in your property, it doesn’t get much more classic than a wooden fence. Isn’t the picket fence what we visualize as a symbol of the American dream? And doesn’t the sight of sparse, black fence posts take you right back to Kentucky horse country? Wood is an excellent fencing option…
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