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Temporary Fence Panels Lexington KY

For Contractors and Residential customers alike, temporary fencing can fill many needs and perform multiple roles simultaneously. Temporary Fencing can provide site security, limit visibility to improve aesthetics, maintain safety for the public, or simply provide barriers to direct foot traffic.

Rio Grande Fence provides, on a regular basis, temporary fencing for heavy construction sites such as the Universities of Kentucky and the University of Louisville, and many other projects in various sizes and scopes. We also regularly provided temporary fences for festivals and events to help maintain safety and security for everyone involved.

Our most commonly used products fall in to three categories: panels, driven, and pedestrian.

The fence panels Lexington KY counts on come in several different sizes. We make and/or purchase our panels made out of light weight tubing and wire, to reduce weight and allow for easier movement of the product to rapidly adapt to different needs. The panels slide down on to stands made of the same tubing, and one stand supports and joins two panel ends together. To help stabilize the panels, we provide by default, one sandbag to keep weight on the stand, holding it in place, and join the panels together with the customers preference of clamp or wire tie. We bring these panels stacked on a truck to your job site, and offload them with their stands and sandbags to set them where and how the customer wants them.

Driven Fencing is generally used for the same types of applications as paneled fencing, but it is best used for rentals which will be active for extended periods of time. Again, using light weight tubing, this fence has metal posts driven into the ground and then standard chain-link material attached afterwards. The benefits of using Driven Fencing as opposed to Paneled Fencing is that you have a MUCH more stable product with very little concern of wind damage or lack of security. In addition to being a more stable product, driven fencing is ideal for wind/privacy screen additions which helps shield a site from onlookers and also helps to prevent debris from leaving a job site. 

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