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Dogs, and Cows, and Horses- Oh My! Knowing What Fencing Is Right for Your Pet

According to a recent poll, the US is leading the world in the number of dogs kept as pets, with nearly 70 million. We are also first in birds, cats, and fish.  Are you sure that you’re meeting all of your pets’ needs?  You probably have food, walks, and affection covered, but what about your backyard? If you’re…
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6 Signs You Need a Residential Fence Replacement

In the year 2019, the rate of property crime in the United States was around 2,109.9 offenses per 100,000 inhabitants. While this is a slight drop from previous years, we are still not off the woods yet when considering our security. This informs part of the reasons why residential fencing is important.  A fence acts as a…
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7 Factors to Consider When Hiring a Commercial Fence Company

There are over 49,000 fence construction businesses in the United States. With a huge market like this, it can be difficult to choose the right one for your needs. When you are looking to hire a fencing contractor for a brand new fence, there are certain factors you should consider. Read on to learn about seven factors…
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Do You Have to Have a Fence Around a Pool in Kentucky?

Did you know that swimming is the fourth most popular sport in the United States? After all, it’s not only fun; it’s also an incredible low-impact, aerobic exercise. It’s an excellent way to keep the heart, brain, tissue, and bones healthy and strong. So, it’s no wonder that about 16% of US homes have a pool. Now that you…
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The Science Behind Fence Construction That Lasts

Putting up a fence isn’t as simple as chucking wood at the ground and connecting the thicker bits with thinner bits. Constructing a fence is a slow-motion arm wrestling match against the force of gravity and decay.  The key to solid fence construction is understanding the balance of forces acting on each piece placed. The…
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How to Improve Security for Your Home or Business

Would you like to know how to improve security for your business or home? Do you know someone who has been recently victimized and scared about intruders?  What can you do to keep the bad guys away? Thankfully, there are innovative ideas you can use to protect your premises. Read along to discover how you…
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How to Improve Privacy In and Around Your Home

Do you need unique ways to improve the privacy of your home? Your home is the best place you can rely on when you need solitude and lots of relaxation. You might not be satisfied with your current setting and need tips to make your environment more private. This is the ideal makeover that can…
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Play Ball! How to Pick the Perfect Fence for your Sports Facility

No community is complete without some type of sports facility. Choosing the right fence can not only help with aesthetics, but is critical for safety.

Is Your Fence Attracting Burglars? The Shocking Truth and How to Choose a Protective Fence

Here’s the shocking truth: you may actually be inviting burglars into your home with it’s design. Choosing a good protective fence is critical for safety.

The Importance Of Hiring Fence Contractors Who Are Certified With The American Fence Association

Despite the recent contraction in the fencing market, reliable fence contractors continue to be in high demand. Recent studies show the market hit brought on by COVID-19 will quickly recover and enjoy an upward trend through 2024. Residential is driving most of the growth. That means homeowners need to do their homework when it comes to hiring.…
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